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The strange branding policy of General Motors may confuse anyone, as the company had to refuse more than a half of its brands. These actions were aimed at defining the roles of GM on the regional markets, consequently, the company needed to adjust the set of priorities in order to improve its position on the world market. Originally, the rebranding policy of General Motors may be revealed in writing essay papers, however, the secrets of this policy are available only in experts’ reviews and analyses, as managers of the GM corporation prefer not to reveal the actual situation within the company.

Buick LaCrosse is the result of the confusing branding policy. This model was left on the market as one of the few servitors, however, the actual reasons of leaving it in the game are so few that they will not be able to fill the space required for a short term paper mla. This Buick is the attempt to include the old guts into the young skin. Surely, Buick is often associated with power and prestige, however, few associate it with reliability and power. Surely, 3,0 and 3,6 liter engines with V-6 cylinder system and 255 horsepowers are rather impressive, however, GM could not manage to solve the gas consumption problem. This line should have been started from 2,4 liter 182 HP engines which are more economical, though, there are better alternatives offered by Toyota and Nissan.

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