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I've just awoken with a pretty brutal headache. I'm on my (Blood Orange) producer (Ariel)'s couch right now. It's really sunny outside.. again, my head really hurts. I got pretty drunk I guess, it's been a while and the medication is obviously not helping, urghh. Last night after recording I went back to the place I'm subletting here whilst i'm in L.A..
I put the key into the door, but before I could turn it to unlock I heard the sound of someone moving from inside.. I froze a little.
Carried on turning the key, pushed the door open (you have to use your foot and the top of your shoulder simultaneously) I instantly flip the light on hoping to catch whatever evildoer that may be in the apartment off-guard... well, that's definitely what I did.
Some cutlery came flying off the table and I was taking truly by surprise, a few seconds pass and my eyes finally have time to adjust to what is happening before me.
No I mean, really, there were rats running around the apartment. Almost as a reflex, i turn the light off, close the door, lock it and walk back onto Sunset.

I put on Fiona Apple on my ipod (yeah, sorry.. I didn't mention that recently it has come to this? Well it has ha!) and walk.
I walk into a bar, sit down. I order a glass of wine with some of my last money.
I'm sitting there thinking about the insane chain of events that seem to have unfolded and come to a head.
We take for a start, the fact that, i only have hand luggage with me, for the next month. Because of an incident mentioned in an earlier post regarding myself being escorted out of Heathrow airport. I have 3 shirts and a couple pairs of Jeans ( I still find it weird that jeans are called "a pair".. I'm aware it's because of the whole "two legged.." business. But we don't call a t-shirt a pair of t-shirt's...). I think about how I luckily have my backpack on me at the moment, but my other bag, and stuff is currently rat food, or a rat toilet.
The worst part also, comes in the fact that I was almost certain that I found a lot of Rat Shit around the apartment a week prior, but was convinced otherwise, so I think about how just beforehand I'd seen a rat loitering around the toaster i've been using, and the how small the apartment is, and how i've bee using it to recuperate (as mentioned in another post, i had to have emergency surgery due to a Blood Infection and have had to be on medication whilst having metal wires in my mouth,,, still in my mouth). I think about how maybe my childhood fear that I'm going to die of Toxoplasmosis was probably a weird premonition, or my future brain leaking into my child brain... I really did think about that at one point.

This is becoming a frequent endeavor. I've walked so much since being here, mainly because I don't have a car, also the fact that I never sleep, let alone when on such crazy medicine.
I've been going for two / three hour walks at 3 / 4 am. It's refreshing though. You meet some interesting characters. One I was planning on writing about a couple days ago, but I forgot to..

Ariel calls, and comes to pick me up. By this point i'm loitering around Vons the local supermarket. I'm going to stay on his couch for a while.
Before that can happen, he had planned to go to a house party, and convinces me that after everything that has been going on. It is the right thing for me to do right now, meet some people, have fun, forget about things for a night.
Well he's right. I've forgotten about things. I.E mainly from "Vons Parking Lot" until "Now"... I remember sitting in a chair drinking a bottle of wine. I also recall trying to delete Facebook from my phone... (it will ALWAYS come back to Facebook, believe).

So here I am, on the couch. As Ariel's girlfriend just pointed out to me it's almost as if i'm being plagued. Which one of you did this to me??!? Anyhow, I have a follow up appointment with the Doctor in a few hours, hopefully they'll take the crazy metal sticking out of the back of my mouth out.. it feels fucking strange.

Whilst I've been awake at night. The moments when I haven't been walking around the streets, or in the studio working on the Blood Orange record, i've been writing music at the (wait for it..) "Rat Cave". Just using an acoustic guitar and the "musical typing" function on garageband.

An e.p i'd like to call "Icky Pasta". Again, these songs are written in such a non committal way, and for the most part I was high on painkillers and found it slightly hard to sing due to the wire in my mouth.. having said that.
I'll put it online anyway when I have time.

For now, enjoy some Jo Lemaire!

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Seán Keenan Comment by Seán Keenan on April 4, 2010 at 2:48pm
All of these obstacles to the record are sure to make it a triumphant release.
Niall Morris Comment by Niall Morris on April 4, 2010 at 11:44am
you are easily my favourite guy, life will get better
Christopher D G Ricketts Comment by Christopher D G Ricketts on April 3, 2010 at 10:19pm
I'm sure theres a link between your blood infection and Blood orange.
but i can't think of a witty enough pun...
Fuzzy Jack Comment by Fuzzy Jack on April 3, 2010 at 8:00pm
hahaha... that would be absolutely genius!!
Del Griffith Comment by Del Griffith on April 3, 2010 at 6:43pm
Get better soon and in the meantime do a cover of "Through The Wire"

New album? SURE!


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