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I have a friend from Algeria. He studies architecture at the University of Mentouri in Constantine. Once, I visited him during my summer holidays and I would like to say few words about my visit.

First of all, I would like to mention that Constantine is a wonderful place for tourism from my point of view. There are so many historical monuments and places to visit. In addition, the city is very beautiful one and thousands of tourists arrive here every year.

Constantine is a center of the Constantine Province and the third largest city in Algeria. As a tourist, I was twice lucky because at that time my friend was engaged in essays editing about historical monuments of Constantine. Sometimes, I helped him searching for the information, thus, I found out many interesting things about the Casbah, Palace of Ahmed Bey , Ruins of the Antonian Roman aqueduct and Soumma Mausoleum at Khroub. Moreover, I had the opportunity to visit all of them. I guess, now I can write a cheap custom essay about these monuments without any preparations.

On weekends, we visited another popular place in Constantine. It was the Ben Abdelmalek Stadium. It is one more place of interest in the city. It is a boast of the Algerian Football Association and a venue for the majority of sports organized around the year.

The last thing I visited in the city was the Gustave Mercier Museum. I saw many forms of ancient and modern art. It was the best holidays of my life.

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