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Bad Era Of Me : A Short Story Collection

Available now in selected book stores is my short fiction story collection. Featuring five stories, three published throughout last year in various publications and book collections, and two unreleased stories. Stories range from sci-fi to sci-fi self loathing and onwards to horrendous word play throughout.
The book will also be sold on the forthcoming Lightspeed Champion tour. Check the myspace for dates. Early reviews suggest that the book is "Just as good as his music..." The ellipse suggests that this was not a compliment.


"I'm Asleep - Comics, Photographs and Illustrations"

Published by Domino Records (Currently out of print)


Punk Fiction : An anthology of short stories inspired by Punk"

Published by Portico. Available in Book Stores and Amazon.

A group of writers were asked to write a short story based upon a "punk" song title. So this book features my short story "The KKK Took My Baby Away" about a man who's baby is kidnapped by an Alien race called The "Krahpatilt Kequa Konsalant"... obviously. My story comes with an accompanying picture illustrated by Ferry Gouw.


MADMAN Atomic Comics 16

Published by IMAGE COMICS.

Cameo appearance.


Experimental youth initiative Ctrl.Alt.Shift presents

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption

comic anthology I did two stories for, one illustrated by Nicole Michalek and one illustrated with Luke Pearson.

For further information regarding the book, exhibition and competition, please visit: The Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption anthology will be available to buy for £4.99 at

and all good comic retailers from November. Profits from the 5,000 copies of the comic book will go to Ctrl.Alt.Shift.

Orchestra Experiment

I've been slowly releasing scores of a symphony I wrote last year, so if you're bored and feel like playing some badly scored classical music... Click Here


I have book out featuring a collection of short stories I wrote that had been published within the last year, I've placed them in several stores, mostly near my apartment in Brooklyn.. most people hate them. But if you want them? Message me. Click Here.

Dev's Movie Blog

One night, my room mate mentioned how it'd be pretty funny for someone to watch all the movies listed at the bottom of IMDB. I've started to, and it's not funny.

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