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When was the last time that you had a great conversation with a stranger?
Like a complete stranger, someone you also didn't speak to again afterwards.. so you never actually became friends following said conversation?

A couple months ago, I was walking from Hollywood to Silverlake. I had wire in my mouth from the surgery a few days prior and a headache and meat sweats due to a painkiller/heatwave/burger concoction.
I'd met up with an old friend who I hadn't seen in years, we talked about our lives. How a few years ago we didn't think it would be possible to even consider sharing our lives so happily with someone, when we'd originally made the plans for us to meet up. We were both the happiest we'd ever been. My friend is living with her boyfriend in Hollywood, and we'd see Facebooks pictures and posts of both our current lives every now and then in "News Feeds".. within the month or so of not really talking, a drastic turn had been taken. I shouldn't say the last month.. it was most likely a lot more gradual than that. But I had deleted my facebook, had surgery, and no longer had a positive outlook and an instant happy ending staring me in the forcible-ly futured face, bitter jaded and angry would be an understatement.

My friend had given me some home truths. I felt slightly better, still like complete crap. But I was at least able to step back and look at myself and see how much of a fucking cliche'd pussy I was/am being.

I begun my walk.

A downfall about America : If you really need the toilet, you don't really have many options. I'm aware it is disgusting to urinate in the street.. but at least the option is there in England right?
I was desperate. I ran into a Mcdonalds. Aware that this may be my only chance before my two hour (minimum) walk.

I stepped out and crossed the road, I saw something flailing in the corner of my eye. I walked closer, to see that it was a girl dancing. I recognized her. Earlier that morning I was in a record store. Trying to find anything produced by Jam and Lewis. A recent obsession (to be discussed another time).
This girl walked behind me, who (at a guess) must have been at the very least 6"2. She had a slightly darker shade of olive complexion. Wild curly brown hair, that had bits of cassette tape dangling down from parts. She wore blue glitter beneath her eyes, with dashes of purple. With clothing that looked like she was an extra from a Janet Jackson video.
This girl was at this bus stop, in the middle of the street, and dancing so hard. It was quite amazing.
I tapped her on the shoulder. Something I would never ever dream of doing, but I hadn't slept in so long, and my mind was so fried, in fact I don't think anything that happened in the last couple of months is anything I would "usually" do..
I tapped her on the shoulder... she took a headphone out, smiled and said "Hello".
I asked her "What are you listening to? I'm just curious, it must be pretty good to make you want to dance so openly."
"Curtis Mayfield!!" She exclaimed. With a wide eyed frency, almost as if she was being interviewed in a pre-show documentary on the man himself. She kept one headphone out and kept dancing whilst looking towards me.
The coincidence being that earlier this morning, whilst walking around Silverlake at 5am I was listening to "Sweet Exorcist".

Over the next half an hour, we spoke about music at this bus stop. I introduced her to the out of print second Janet Jackson album "Dream Street" and we both spoke highly of our love of Marvin Gaye.
Then, after a while, we both decided to go on our way. Nothing more nothing less. No swapped information, neither of us really cared for that. It was just two strangers having a good conversation. She got on her bus and turned and said "See you around!".. before putting her left headphone back into her hair, amidst the mass of hair and dangling cassette tape. Then she danced onwards on to the bus.

I then got out my ipod, put on some Curtis Mayfield. Smiled for the first time for what truly seemed like an eternity. Then walked for 2.5 hours towards my rented apartment.

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stella*mirabella Comment by stella*mirabella on June 2, 2010 at 10:18am
this post instantly reminded my of this song:
Devonté Hynes Comment by Devonté Hynes on May 30, 2010 at 2:35am
Thanks brah!
Alec James Ogden Comment by Alec James Ogden on May 28, 2010 at 11:59am
You're contribution on that Theophilus London mixtape is glorious. Jus' sayin.
Dimitri Opsic Comment by Dimitri Opsic on May 25, 2010 at 7:12pm
I love when that happens.

By the way, any thoughts on the LOST finale?

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